About That Job Title

Published On April 8, 2015 | Productivity

Making up a job title is all fun and games, until someone puts a CV out.


Fashionable companies have making the most of their… trendiness for decades now, and declaring all sorts of new job titles for their employees. I’ve seen advertisements for “SEO Ninja” and “Social Media Wizard” while scouring the jobs ads myself. Even the term “account manager” – once the domain of PR and marketing roles exclusively – now seems to refer to anyone who talks to a client in relation to supply.

This movement gained momentum in the dotcom booms of the 90s, it seems, and has remained. With such a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, it’s no wonder that jobs are constantly redefined, repackaged and repurposed, along with their titles. But there’s a downside to being “on the cutting edge”. It’s an edge, and it could cut.

Daniel Bukszpan writes in Fortune online that “creative” job titles can actually hurt your job prospects, even in the digital era. Still, companies are keen on creating their own terms, some examples of which he quotes.

One of my favourites is “Director of First Impressions (previously known as Receptionist). There’s also “Scrum Master” (Project Manager) and “Growth Hacker” (Marketing Person). Maybe you’ve dabbled with the idea of being the “Chief Everything Officer” of your startup.

Sure it’s a bit of fun, but it is worth considering twice. Would you expect someone who recruits for a living to be impressed with “Wizard” or “Ninja” on your CV? (Unless, of course, you actually are a wizard or a ninja, in which case, I would imagine your CV would be the least of your challenges.)

Take a look at this hilarious list of “Greatest Job Titles of All Time“, which includes gems like “Professional Snuggler”, “Ranch Dressing Expert”, “Head of Potatoes” and “Director of Sandbags”.

Do you carry a “traditional” job title? Or are you a ninja? Let us know in the comments below.

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