Auric launches Banded for Musicians

Published On July 7, 2015 | Music & Culture

Auric launches product specifically for musicians and performing artists .

Auric Consulting will later this week launch a new service product called Banded, which is aimed primarily at music and performing artists. The six-month programme aims specifically to bring the artist or band‘s brand communication into line with a professional approach, taking in brand identity, social media, merchandising and much more.

In a nutshell, what is Banded?

Banded is a six-month service programme designed to bring performing artists up to par with communication and brand strategy, allowing them to push onto the “next level” with their fans.

Banded takes a number of elements essential to modern communication, and it creates, develops and strategises the artist’s approach to them. Added to that, several support services are provided, such as design, strategic social media messaging, and basic media pack components.

What are some of the key elements or components of Banded?

There are several elements covered in the Branded programme (contact us below for a full list): Information and Media materials like press photos, professional bio, and more; Design support with projects and logos, signage, and guerrilla materials; Social networking and Communications with strategy a newsletter support structure and more; Options for merchandise design and production; and more…

What level of artist would benefit from a banded program – Why should an artist or band sign up for banded?

While any level of artist would benefit from the Banded programme, it is especially useful for those looking to develop a serious communication strategy with their fans and the world in general. Think of it as the step up into communicating like a brand, not a band.

Why six months only?
Six months is the period over which the programme seeks to deliver the foundation, or tools of the strategy. This fixed period benefits the artist in that it doesn’t leave the cost open-ended, and thereis a specific period of time in which they will be able to see deliverables. For Auric, it made sense also to try to defray the cost over a period of time for the artist over a reasonable period of time.

Is there a cost involved?

Yes. Banded’s costs are worked out over the course of six months to make it most cost-effective for both the artist and the service providers. The programme is divided into a monthly set of concrete deliverables over this time.

Lots of artists or bands tend to have some skills in-house, like designers. If a band or artist comes with their own elements, does the pricing change?

No. Banded’s costs are the lowest they can possibly be for the top line professional service it provides. While artists are welcome to bring their own elements, the price of Banded remains the same, though the cost of services deferred may be directed towards other services like merchandise or signage, etc.

Contact our Banded managers for information, and a full list of services provided:

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