Banded Awards Aims to Grow and Celebrate SA Music Support

Published On October 5, 2015 | Fun Stuff

Banded has announced a new project that seeks to showcase and celebrate the work that supports the South African music community. 

Branded-award_BLACKThe Facebook based ‘Awards’ looks at the design, promotion and support work that goes along with all things SA Music, by way of a page that asks designers, writers, managers, and photographers to show and share their work, with the Banded team’s favourites offered a “Banded Award” for useon the creators’ sites, blogs and FB pages.

Banded would like to recognise all the photographers, writers, artists and designers who contribute to the South African Music Community. Each month we want to create a space where you can submit and showcase your photos, designs, press mentions, bios and more.

To add a little spice, we’ll choose a number of submissions as our favourites in a number of categories for each month, awarding the creator/submitter a “Banded Award” sticker that can be used on their blog or bio. We’ll also add each month’s nominees to the Banded Awards Wall (, and feature them in a short profile on

Submitters need only to like the Banded Facebook page, tag Banded Awards in a post that contains their entry and share it to the page.



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