DESIGN NOTES 05-05-2015: The Students Are Revolting

Published On May 5, 2015 | Design

Education for all, as long as the logo is cool.

By Anton Marshall

By Anton Marshall

The students are revolting! And they’re protesting, too. And not just in South Africa, where we remember the fallen statues of former colonial “heroes” mostly with paint and remonstration.

Students at Loughborough University in the US are also up in arms about their beloved institution’s symbols. The university’s new logo has met with scorn and some vitriol, with protest leader Scott Lawrence calling it the old design an “iconic” reminder of prestige.


Feel the lack of prestige!

The petition to bin the new logo was set up by Loughborough graduate Scott Lawrence who said the shield emblem was an “iconic” reminder of prestige, heritage and respect associated with the institution whereas the new version “loses all of these values”.

Wags have already begun altering the image to poke fun. Graphic communication student Dan Scott added a ‘BE’ in pink letters next to the octagon with the tagline “soft and sensitive”.

More than 12,000 people have signed the Revoke 2015 Loughborough University rebrand petition on forcing Loughborough to announce it has ‘paused’ the project, although the new logo still features on its homepage. Read more here:


I was under the impression that – at least in the western world – universities aspired to be iconic and prestigious in and of themselves.  Education for all, I say. And logos too. As long as they’re iconic, I guess.

In related news, students at Warwick University similarly signed a petition demanding the scrapping of the new ‘aubergine’ logo.


Suddenly one has a hankering for brinjal.


Times surely have changed , and one wonders if one should even suggest what would happen if students here realised they could protest a logo, a coat of arms, a motto… as opposed to a curriculum, exclusions, or even canteen food.

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