DESIGN: VASK Education Centre

Published On January 22, 2015 | Design

Auric Consulting assisted VASK Education Centre with the creation of its new logo. Darren Ball believes that the logo represents the brand well.

DARREN BALL“Vask didn’t want the usual ‘crest’ type logo, because they are an alternative education centre. So they wanted a logo that represented a different way of thing – thinking out of the box. The logo also needed to translate to different platforms and needed to work within VASK’s physical building – demarcating different areas within the structure. The colours vary, depending on the context, so while blue is the primary, you may get to see the same logo in yellow or red, walking around the VASK structures, which are on Fish Hoek Main Road in Cape Town.”


VASK Education Centre believes that education based on the latest technology offers a stimulating new choice to the learner of the digital age. Utilising the Brainline Learning World Curriculum, VASK is not only helping young learners in grades 8-12, but also those pursuing adult Matric and supplementary exam success.

Modern demands placed on schooling by industry and life itself require an alternative form of schooling. Many young people are struggling to fit in with their peers, aren’t coping at government schools or are battling with conditions like ADHD, Dyslexia, depression and anxiety.

You can contact the Vask Education Centre through Vanessa Miles at, or visit the website at

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