How Do You Motivate Your Staff?

Published On February 1, 2015 | Better Business, Productivity

Auric Consulting CEO Bruce Fennessy believes that people are their own best motivators.

BRUCE FENNESSYThis is one of those questions that I suppose has a multitude of answers or practices that could work for you and your business. It would be great to get some feedback from you, dear reader, as to some of the ways in which you operate.

For us at Auric, it is all about giving people the ability to manage their own time and work flow while trying to create a fun and enjoyable working environment. Yes, we do get stressed and sometimes even have a go at each other. But this too can be important (that is, to know you can have a go at each other and then get back to it). We don’t have office hours (well the traditional kind anyway). Our team is free to come and go as they please. After all they are adults, have been through an interview process and WE have chosen them to represent our business. If they can’t manage their own time then you will soon find out won’t you?

I know this won’t work in every organisation, I do believe it to be something that needs to be decided early on to ensure that the foundation is in place for when things really get going. Our belief is that ‘Big Brother‘ control over people suppresses imagination and development and therefore is not allowed through our doors. Yes, there is a head who will make decisions that staff need to adhere to. But we stress that the more you communicate and have fun while doing so, the better the results.

Again, I stress that our industry requires lateral thinking and requires innovation and a certain ‘jeu ne se quois’ and therefore the more we have fun the better we do. But can this not be said of every industry. Someone, somewhere once said that if you love what you do, you have never worked a day in your life. So shouldn’t you love what you do? Shouldn’t you love going to the place where you spend most of your adult life?

Look around you at your co-workers and note to yourself how many of them look happy. Loads? Not a lot? If the answer is the latter, how do you change that? What ideas can you take to your management team which may instill a feeling of enjoyment in your workplace.

I notice how the mood changes on a Friday (or Thursday for those reading this in Oman and the UAE). Have you? Well it’s obvious… everyone is looking forward to a few days off. Indeed you should but you should also probably enjoy going to work, shouldn’t you?

I don’t really see long faces in our office. Disagreements? Yep! Not always but they are there. Again though, this is healthy isn’t it? Lateral thinking and creativity come from brain storming and disagreements. Understanding your colleagues IMO comes from this as well.

So how do you work through your day in the office? Do you enjoy what you do? Do you have a certain level of agreeable banter within the confides of the four walls? How creative is your office? Tell me #Letsgettalking

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