Instagram Business Accounts: Rules, Tips and Tricks

Published On September 1, 2015 | Better Business

Instagram can be a tricky Social Media tool and  some thought needs to go into the account before you start to use it for business purposes. Since your business Instagram account is a business account and not a personal one, some “rules” will apply.

Maintaining a high standard of hashtags (#) and a combination of unique hashtags will help you to create an effective business Instagram account. Using the wrong hashtags or only using hashtags occasionally can slow your uptake of followers and can actually be detrimental to your account and your account’s growth.

Creating the right strategy will help you to make good use of these Hashtags.


Business Instagram Accounts


  • Your Products in Use
    This should be an obvious point when dealing with a Business Instagram Account.
    Tell the ‘story’ of your company by using images that show what you offer as a business.
    If you do not offer physical items as a business perhaps look at using quotes or marketing the people of your business instead. Pre-planning this will influence how your business is represented to the public.
  • Behind – The – Scenes
    Share photos taken behind the scenes. Does your company create product? Show how products are manufactured or produced. Again, if your business does not create physical products, use Instagram to market the services you do offer and the people within the business. This can put a face to your business and give it a life of its own.
  • Video
    Instagram accepts up to 15-second videos. Videos can be an effective way of getting your businesses message across that static images may not be able to achieve. Show your business at work and engage the viewers.
  • Quotes
    An effective way to get your business message and ethos of your business across to the public is to use quotes that represent what your business is about. Remember to use your hashtags eg. #quote or #quotes.
  • Hyperlapse
    Instagram has released a new app that allows you to release stitched together images to create a Hyperlapse video. If you are unable to create a video for Instagram, Hyperlapse can be used to create short clips.
  • Throwback Thursday or #TBT
    Or even Motivational Mondays (#MM) or Follow Fridays (#FF) can be used effectively for your business. Take some time to learn more about what each day is and how you could use this effectively to market your business. Every Thursday, for example, you can post pictures from your archives, this can show the growth of your business and show your viewers where you can from.




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