Music Notes 29-04 2015

Published On April 29, 2015 | Music & Culture

Apple makes more more money in one country, that the entire music industry. Apple made more money in China last quarter than the recorded music industry did in 2014.

… mostly, it is noted, on the back of phone and computer sales, as iPad turnover continued to decline. If you ever needed evidence the world of entertainment and consumer cultures were evolving, this is it.

Apple made more money in China alone last quarter – $16.8bn – than the recorded music industry made in the whole of 2014: just under $15bn. Although bear in mind that the latter stat doesn’t include live and other income.

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The New Yorker: The Man Who Broke the Music Business .

A fascinating read about a chap who worked at a CD pressing plant back in the days of actuall CD production, and how the actions of people who worked there contributed to the crash of that industry.

Late in the evening, the host put on music to get people dancing. Glover, a fixture at clubs in Charlotte, an hour away, had never heard any of the songs before, even though many of them were by artists whose work he enjoyed.

Later, Glover realized that the host had been d.j.’ing with music that had been smuggled out of the plant. He was surprised. Plant policy required all permanent employees to sign a “No Theft Tolerated” agreement. He knew that the plant managers were concerned about leaking, and he’d heard of employees being arrested for embezzling inventory. But at the party, even in front of the supervisors, it seemed clear that the disks had been getting out. In time, Glover became aware of a far-reaching underground trade in pre-release disks. “We’d run them in the plant in the week, and they’d have them in the flea markets on the weekend,” he said. “It was a real leaky plant.”

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