Office 365: Creating Groups in Exchange Online

Published On November 9, 2015 | Office 365 & Cloud

With Exchange Online, unlike with simple POP3/IMAP4 mail services, it’s possible to create distribution groups that are available to all of your users.

If you have a number of logical groupings of users, some of which may include external users, you can create distribution groups in Exchange Online which can be used for sending e-mails to multiple defined groups.

Exchange Online Recipients

The first thing you need to do is find the Exchange Online recipient options:

  • Login to the Office 365 portal and go to the Admin app
  • Next, in the left hand menus, choose ADMIN > Exchange to take you to the Exchange admin center
  • Under recipients, select  groups

Adding groups through Office 365 only allows you to create security groups; Exchange Online lets you create distribution groups.

Creating Groups

To create a group in Exchange Online;

  • Select recipients then contacts
  • Click the + button and select either Distribution group or Dynamic distribution group
  • Next complete the details about the group and click Save

When you create a distribution group, in addition to completing the basic details, you should add members which can include local users or contacts (see last week’s newsletter). For dynamic distribution groups you need to select certain criteria, such as Users with Exchange mailboxes.

The contacts you add will filter down to your users who use Office Outlook.  This process can take 24 hours and depends on when your users download the Offline Global Address List.

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