Office 365: Message Delivery Troubleshooting

Published On November 2, 2015 | Office 365 & Cloud

What to do when it looks like your Office 365 e-mails are not being sent, or they’re not arriving at the recipient’s end.

There is the potential for e-mails to either not arrive or not be sent but with Exchange Online this potential is very low and, in my experience, the problem is usually tracked down to the other person’s e-mail service. So what can you do to troubleshoot these issues?

Exchange Online Message Trace

The first thing you need to do is find the Exchange Online message trace options:

  • Login to the Office 365 portal and go to the Admin app
  • Next, in the left hand menus, choose ADMIN > Exchange to take you to the Exchange admin center
  • Under mail flow, select message trace

This tools lets you check if messages were sent, or usually more importantly, whether messages were delivered to Exchange Online.

Message Header Analyser (MHA)

Another issue you might encounter is users telling you that they received a Non-Delivery Receipt (NDR) when an e-mail they sent is bounced. To troubleshoot this you need to install the Message Header Analyzer for Outlook from the Office Store. To use it effectively you need to ask your user to forward the NDR as an attachment to an new e-mail so when you open the NDR and click the MessageHeaderAnalyzer button you see the correct information. With practice and an analytical mind you can usually see why the message was bounced from the errors you find.

TIP: Once you’ve installed the Message Header Analyzer it’ll appear in both Outlook and online in Outlook Web App.

Please also find attached an Office 365 Awareness Newsletter explaining Office Delve and what it’s used for which can be forwarded straight to your users.

If you are not the right person to be receiving these e-mails, let us know and we’ll send them to the right person, or stop sending them if that’s what you want.

Also contact us if you want help creating better HTML e-mails instead of sending PDFs?

GRAHAM WATKINSGraham Watkins is the CTO of Auric Consulting, based in Cape Town.


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