Office 365: Message Encryption in Exchange Online

Published On November 25, 2015 | Office 365 & Cloud

In Office 365 it’s possible to encrypt messages you send through Exchange Online. Regardless of the destination email service, the recipient can read the email and send an encrypted reply.

Traditionally, for large organisations, this required infrastructure to host a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to supply your users with digital certificates. With Office 365 Message Encryption no extra hardware is required as the service is all built in to Office 365.

What’s Involved?

Once you’ve signed up for Office 365 or Exchange Online, when you create an account it’s added to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), which is the underlying technology for authentication for all Office 365 services and Windows Intune.

Office 365 Message Encryption requires each user to have an Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) subscription, which costs $2 per user per month on an annual commitment.

What is Azure Rights Management?

Azure RMS uses encryption, identity, and authorization policies to secure your files and email, and works across multiple devices—phones, tablets, and PCs. Information can be protected both within your organization and outside your organization because that protection remains with the data, even when it leaves your organization’s boundaries.

Want to Know More?

Encryption in Office 365

What is Azure Rights Management?

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