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Published On December 2, 2015 | Office 365 & Cloud

Tasks are items you can add to your mailbox but would ideally like to keep separate from your usual calendar items.

These work tasks can seamlessly fit into your other Microsoft apps such as Outlook Web App. You can also easily schedule different and recurring tasks on a daily or weekly basis.

The How

First you have to access your Tasks in Outlook; this can be done is various ways but the simplest is by selecting Tasks from the Outlook Navigation Pane in the bottom left of the Outlook screen.

Creating a new task – click on the New Task icon and choose the relevant details and dates that relate to your individual tasks.

You can view your Tasks list in the Outlook Web App by logging into the Office 365 portal, or from you’re the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook.

Tasks are divided into:

My Tasks – a folder that can divide items that can be flagged, filtered and organised according to your needs. Completed tasks can be un-flagged or removed from the Tasks list.

Shared Tasks – a folder that you or individual/multiple colleagues can view and on which you can collaborate. This is only available when you have shared tasks to view.

Tasks List – your Tasks list is organised by your individual filters at the top of the start list such as: all, active, overdue or completed.

The Why

Having a way of organising your Tasks in an easy and organised way is an effective way of keeping track of all of your day-to-day activities and workflow.

GRAHAM WATKINSGraham Watkins is the CTO
of Auric Consulting, based in Cape Town.


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