PODCAST: Moving to The Cloud Pt2

Published On March 25, 2015 | Office 365 & Cloud

What are the cost implications of moving to the Cloud? Graham Watkins explains why it’s a better deal for you and your accountant.

GRAHAM WATKINSBorn in the UK, Graham has had a vast amount of experience, having worked in the UK, Oman, and most recently, Thailand. In the UK he occupied senior Technical Services Consultant positions at Sony Business Europe, and Ultima Business Solutions.

He worked for the government of Oman, Microsoft Gulf as a Senior Consultant, and provided strategy and guidance to the government on maximising usage of their Enterprise Agreement. In a reach for further Eastern fields, Graham then moved to Thailand where he was the Operations Director for Hammerhead Technologies.

In this podcast, Graham discusses the cost implications of putting your business data operation in ‘The Cloud’.

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