Simple Social Media Tips to Help Grow Your Following

Published On July 23, 2015 | Productivity

If, when you think about social media you start to shudder, then this post is for you.


Bruce Fennessy

There are a few simple things you can do to grow your following on platforms like Facebook and Twitter but which, if you don’t really know your way around, can become quite tedious.

Starting a new business is tricky at the best of times but growing your Social Media Following shouldn’t be. So how do you go about it? Facebook is pretty simple to set up a page. They have dumbed it down with info-graphics and easy to follow instructions so that you can set up your page within minutes. The basic rule of thumb though is to ensure that you have ticked the following boxes.

1. Name your page correctly: If your business is called Joe’s Diner then try to name your Facebook page accordingly or as close to it as possible. Facebook will assign your page a number though so it is important to check that your page name is correct. The standard page name will appear something like this until you change it: when it should look something like this

2. Place an image header which tells people about your business. No point in putting a picture down of a pristine white beach when Joe’s Diner caters to diner type food in the heart of the city. In this case images of your food, the diner itself etc. would be far more beneficial.

3. Describe your business with the best of what you have to offer and also telling people about what is on offer and how they can get in contact. i.e. website details, emails, numbers etc.

4. Start to populate your page so that when you have people landing on the page, that they are not looking at nothing. Populate it with a few specials if applicable or latest news or relevant info regarding what your offering is.

Then always invite your circle of influence to like the page first. You are pretty much always guaranteed of getting 30-50 likes this way and this will also help when potential customers land on your page (this way they don’t see a page with 2 likes).

Once you have your 30-50 likes then look at branching out a bit. This is where targeted advertising comes into it. Facebook is very, very good at this.

To use this feature look to the left of the page (on your pc screen) and you will see ads manager. Click the link and it will take you to a page to help you start the campaign. Once again follow the simple instructions laid out before you. You will need to name your campaign; for this purpose we will call it Joe’s Diner Likes. At this point it will ask you what you want to target; i.e. likes, website click through’s, interaction etc. Select Likes and move on.

You will now have to create your advert. Think about your target market and what they will want to see and use this as the image. Facebook frowns upon using more than 20% of text over the image so best just use a static image with no text and use the text box to tell them what you need to. For ideas you can just look to the right hand side of your timeline and see what other people are doing.

Now you have a limited amount of characters to tell people what you want to say, so think hard and come up with something which will entice people to click. Perhaps for this case it would be something like; Joe’s Diner Oxford Street London – Your True 50’s Diner Experience. Try us HERE.

Facebook will then show you a lovely graphic layout of what it will look like. If you are happy then you can move on to the next step which will be targeting your audience.

If you just want to increase your likes then you can just blanket market to everyone and put no restrictions on who sees it. Remember though that Facebook sees different areas as different rates. By this I mean low value and high value areas, so your cost per like will differ between the two. For example, a consumer in London will be seen as a higher value consumer whereas a consumer in Oman will be seen as a lower value consumer. So my recommendation is to stay within your direct vicinity. This means if your business is located in London, then there is no need to advertise in Brazil unless you just want to boost your likes with whomever. This though is not recommended as it gives you false readings on your campaign.

You will need to select who you are targeting so follow the step by step process and fill in the gaps provided with your preferred areas. So in this instance it would be London plus 20 miles. (look to the right of the page and you will see how many people you are targeting, my guess is for this purpose it would be 9 million or so). Now change the target age group. No point in targeting a 15 year old as the chances of them using your venue are low, so pre-set to the age group you want to target. Now watch what happens to the number on the right of the page. It will get smaller. Once you are satisfied that you are targeting those you want to select your cost per day and length of campaign.

For the first campaign I would recommend running 1 month. Don’t think crazy per day figures though. Keep it small and under budget. Say $1 per day. This should in theory give you 5-10 likes per day. You can go $10 per day but rather go up than down, so start low. Facebook will now tell you what the average cost per click is going to be. The charges are based on clicks and ‘seen by’ – this means where it has appeared on the timeline of a targeted group.

If you are happy that it is good to go then you are ready to submit your advert. If it falls within all the requirements of Facebook then you ad will be approved within a few hours. Remember though that Facebook charges per week. They do however send you a nice little breakdown of what has happened during that week, so that you don’t have to constantly check the campaign.

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