The Silver Peacock Gets New Website

Published On April 14, 2015 | Design

Graham Watkins gives some insight into The Silver Peacock’s new website. 

GRAHAM WATKINSAuric Consulting has assembled a new website for The Silver Peacock. Why was an update needed and what is new?

The old site was simply built using, a very basic site builder with very few features.  Additionally the original site was not responsive meaning that the user experience on tablets and smartphones was poor.

The new site is built using the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress, which is constantly evolving with new and improved features as website design evolves.  The new site is also built on a premium responsive framework meaning an improved experience for users of tablets and smartphones.

The old site was aimed purely at retailers, not consumers; the new site allows consumers to find a Silver Peacock retailer in their area.  With improved caching and the ability to use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) the site can be more complex yet load more quickly.

To what degree does the new site update the look and feel?

The new site makes use of the new branding and marketing work completed by Auric Consulting to further enhance Silver Peacock’s appearance in the marketplace.  With improved product images and material the new site provides a more engaging medium for potential customers to view Silver Peacock’s full range of products.

The new Silver Peacock site launches on Tuesday 14 April at 13:00. You can click to see it here:

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