TRAVEL: Notes from the Put Foot Rally Day 3,4

Published On June 23, 2015 | Travel South Africa

Everyone is feeling pretty good, except myself and Nathan who spent another night on a deflated mattress!


Darren Ball

Day 3 and we’ve made it to Windhoek. Short distance today of only 400kms. Everyone is feeling pretty good, except myself and Nathan who spent another night on a deflated mattress!

Last night’s stay at Kalahari Ali Game Lodge (check venue name) was a welcome rest after a long day. We started out leaving Canyon Roadhouse in good spirits, until we hit the gravel road, a 100km stretch of road with a top speed of about 30kph on the good sections. The road took forever, and took its toll on the little Fiesta. We destroyed a shock and had to limp into the next town. Luckily there was a Ford dealer and we managed to get both front shocks replaced.

Day 4 and into the capital, Windhoek. Bit of a disappointment once we finally reached Joe’s Beerhouse. Joe’s itself is an experience worth going to Windhoek for, unfortunately there not much else – it’s like the Joburg of Namibia.

The campsite we had planned to use was fully booked, so we moved on to another site that was the worst camping experience we’ve had. The conference facilities and chalets looked cosy and warm but the venue itself is between a national road, airport and an industrial area. We were up early and moved on by 8, quick cup of coffee at the local Mugg and Bean and we set off to the Etosha Lodge right before the entrance to the Etosha Park.

Got lost for almost an hour! We were half way to the coast – completely the wrong direction!

Once we reached the first official Checkpoint in Namibia it was time to party. The theme for the night was Animals. Dressed up in our woman’s leopard onesies, we hit the party.

Before we left we never thought we would be in Namibia shopping for woman’s clothing to wear! All part of the Put Foot experience. Getting to bed (not too late!) we were up early and lined up at the gate to head into Etosha Park for the official shoe drop. Spending the morning in a rural school inside the gates of Etosha Park was an experience that will stay with us all. All the kids loved their new shoes and socks.

Once the shoe drop was done we entered the park through the gates for the 60km drive. Two hours of gravel roads later we were at our destination. Even though the drive was long and once again it was my shift to drive it was something we will never forget. A highlight of the drive was a herd of elephants crossing the road mere metres form us, pretty nervewrecking when your car is the size of a small calf!

Hopefully got some amazing pictures.

Tonight is a quiet night sitting around the fire jamming some tunes, not named The Band of Beards for nothing.  Up early again tomorrow for a long 600km drive to the next stop 2 nights stay there and onto the next border crossing. So far Namibia has been fairly inaccessible for our little Fiesta. To enjoy the full extent of this amazing country, bring a 4×4!

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