What Can be Submitted to the Banded Awards Page?

Published On October 8, 2015 | Fun Stuff

Lots of “Awards” look at the music, but we’re all about the work and creativity that goes alongside it. Here are some ideas of items that Banded Awards would like to share and show:

Photos – of SA artists in action, press photos, fan photos, festival photos, etc – capture that moment! (If the photo is nominated for Banded Award, the Photographer is awarded)

Designs – Band logos, gig posters, T-shirts, merch, etc. related to SA artists. Interesting, fun and serious designs all welcome. (Designer awarded)

Press appearances and articles – Been in the press? Featured on a blog? Link the article or interview here. (Writer or blog awarded)

More… We’re open to all things music related. Even things we haven’t thought of! So even if your SA music-related item doesn’t fall into the above categories, submit it anyway!

Banded Awards are open to anyone, not just professionals… and the idea is to share what we’re doing and showcase the work, so get sharing!

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